Cheats – Back To The Future

As I stated in my RetroSpective, the best advice I can possibly give for this game is to turn it off and put the film on instead.  However, if you really insist on playing Back To The Future then unfortunately you’re not going to be able to cheat your way past all those street stages.  Just like the plot of the film, this is just another thing Beam Software and LJN forgot to put in this terrible game.  However, there is one cheat that will improve Back To The Future, it just might not be what you think.

Remove The Music

Silence is golden! Now here’s a cheat we can all get behind!  Trust me this will improve your gaming experience infinitely.  It may even help you concentrate on what’s happening, though that’s not a good thing.  So, to remove the music simply pause the game and hold the B button.  Eventually, you’ll notice the music thankfully turn off, and now you can play without hearing that tune on constant repeat.  Although, you could equally just mute the TV I suppose.

End of Level Bonus

This one is more of a tip.  If you jump at the end of one of the street levels then ‘Marty’ will freeze.  At this point the higher you jump, the more bonus points you are rewarded with.

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