Cheats – Bubsy (in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind)

Given how much you’ll be dying in this game, it’s extremely good news that there are chapter passcodes for Bubsy. As such we present the complete Bubsy cheats, these should get you past all those forests, or even deeper into them.

  • Chapter Passwords

Within the options menu you’ll find “enter passcode”.  Simply enter the code for chapter you want and away you go:

Chapter 2: CKBGMM
Chapter 3: SCTWMN
Chapter 4: MKBRLN
Chapter 5: LBLNRD
Chapter 6: JMDKRK
Chapter 7: STGRTN
Chaper 8: SBBSHC
Chapter 9: DBKRRB
Chapter 10: MSFCTS
Chapter 11: KMGRBS
Chapter 12: SLJMBG
Chapter 13: TGRTVN
Chapter 14: CCLDSL
Chapter 15: BTCLMB
Chapter 16: STCJDH

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