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Castlevania is one hell of a hard game, and despite this being a Konami game, don’t go thinking you can input the Konami Code for some extra assistance.  In fact, there’s not a single cheat code hidden within Castlevania that will help you take down Dracula, and the hordes of monsters that lie in wait.  Ironically, the only real secret that alters the difficulty of the game, is one that makes the game even harder.  So if you’re really up for a challenge, then let me pass on to you the secrets of Castlevania’s hard mode

Hard Mode

No, sadly I wasn’t joking around, Castlevania actually has an even hard mode than the one you start of with. If you can believe that?  Even worse, to activate hard mode, you have to finish the standard game, and then simply keep playing without turning the machine off.  You’ll then be treated with a game that seems the same to the untrained eye, but venture deeper and you’ll find the enemies have had somewhat of an upgrade, and their numbers will be greatly increased.  Truly creating the ultimate 8-bit Halloween challenge

If Castlevania had only been a few years older then we may have seen the Konami Code may an appearance, but sadly that’s it, that’s really all there is to Castlevania in terms of cheats.  I’m still currently battling my way through the game one more time for Halloween, and I’ll be launching Rings & Coins’ review of this iconic 8-bit game extremely soon.  In the meantime though, I wish I was able to help with anyone who’s struggling.  Although in fairness, whilst Castlevania is difficult, getting beaten has never been more fun.

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