Xmas Cheats – Daze Before Christmas

Christmas is in trouble, and only Santa can save the festive season.  Santa’s quest in Daze Before Christmas may be an easy one, but it’s also a long and repetitive one too.  So, if you need a little help getting through the game, or simply want to skip to Christmas Eve then we’ve got you covered with some handy Xmas Cheats.

Level Select:

  • Mega Drive – On the title screen simply enter C, A, Right, Left, Right, Up, Left, A, Right, Start.
  • Super Nintendo – On the title screen simply enter B, A, Down, Left, A, Start.


  • Mega Drive:
    • Level 2 – G8WTK3A
    • Level 3 – X6THTWG
    • Level 4 – KW3TKH4
    • Level 5 – XAHGK9A
  • Super Nintendo
    • Level 2 – TNFRN
    • Level 3 – SLJFT
    • Level 4 – SNJLB
    • Level 5 – KRLHG

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