Xmas Cheats – Die Hard

It’s Christmas, and that means one thing, Die Hard.  Though I’m guessing John McClane may meet a very different fate if you’re playing the NES game.  Nevertheless, we’ve got some cheats that’ll make sure you have full access to all the secrets hidden within the Nakatomi Plaza.

Extra Continues

If you happen to get yourself killed, and you definitely will given Die Hard’s difficulty, then there’s a way you can gain some added continues.  Once at the Game Over screen, simply press and hold A, B and Down, and then press Start.  This will grant you a much needed two additional continues.

View The Game’s Cutscenes

Whilst on the game’s difficulty menu press and hold the Up, Left and Select buttons before pressing A.  Doing this correctly will enable you view any of the game’s cutscene images whenever you like.

Increase The In-Game Timer

In order to make the game’s timer increase quicker you’ll first want to head over to the game’s pause screen.  Once there simply press and hold the A, B and Select buttons.  This will make the the game’s timer increase.  After increasing the timer, if you want to see the changes that have been made then all you have to do is return to the game and pause it again.

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