Cheats – Ghostbusters

There aren’t many Ghostbusters cheats, just another thing the developers forgot to put into this game.  In fact if you have the American or PAL copy of the game then there’s only the one.  But thankfully, the one cheat there is, will help downgrade the stairway from a complete living Hell, to simply something that makes your fingers feel like they’re falling off.  It still doesn’t help the game though as you’ll see in the review.

255 Hits on the stairs on the stairway

Get hit 2 times, then following this open a door with a ghost behind it.  Now instead of dying time after time, you will be granted 255 hits before you next die.  Only thing you’ll have to contend with now is the searing pain of repeatedly hammering the A button.

Easy Money (Japanese Version Only)
This glitch only exists in the Japanese version but take complete advantage of you are unfortunate enough to have this for the Famicom.  Nevertheless simply buy the “Ghost Alarm” for 2000$ and then sell it for 3000$.  Rinse and repeat.

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