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Dumped in the middle of the wilderness without a clue of where to go or what to do, The Legend of Zelda can certainly feel like a maze right from the off. However, this big adventure filled with mystery and discovery at every turn is easily The Legend of Zelda’s greatest strength. Interestingly though, the mysteries and secrets don’t end with those found within Hyrule, in fact there’s a range of secrets hidden within the game that may just help you in your quest to rescue Princess Zelda.

Start from the Second Quest

  • To start the game from the harder Second Quest to stop Ganon, simply enter your name as “Zelda” before you embark on your quest.

Access the Hidden Save Screen

  • Normally when playing The Legend of Zelda, you’ll only be able to save after you have lost all of your hearts and found yourself at the Game Over screen. However, there’s actually a way to access the Save screen without dying.
  • To do first you’ll need two controllers.  Once you’ve got yourself a second controller plugged in then first hit Start on controller one, and then press Up & A at the same time on the second controller. This should then bring up the Hidden save menu screen. Useful if you’re called away but don’t really fancy killing off Link early.

Automatic Health Regeneration

  • To restore Link’s heart gauges to maximum capacity, first head over to a lake containing a Great Fairy. This will of course cause Link’s health to slowly fill.
  • However, whilst Link’s health is being restored if you save the game via the hidden save screen and then re-load your save game, you’ll find that Link will begin the game with all of his heart gauges full, rather than just the normal three.

Reduce The Number of Enemies.

  • This sneaky skill plays off a similar mechanic to that found within the 8-Bit Mega Man games. You see, if on a particular screen you clear all enemies bar one, the next time you return to that screen, rather than the enemies regenerating, you’ll simply just have the one to manoeuvre around.

This is probably just a taste of the cheats, secrets and even glitches found within The Legend of Zelda. So, if you know any others, drop them into the comments below and we’ll get them added to this list. Other than that, have fun on your quest to stop Ganon and save Princess Zelda.

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