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Out Run is one of the most iconic racing titles of both the 80s and 90s. It’s also hard as nails. As such, in Rings & Coins tradition, whilst I prepare the upcoming review, here’s some cheats and tips to see you through to the fifth stage.

Mega Drive / Genesis

  • Extra Options – To access the extra options, you’ll want to head over to the title screen and press: A x11, B x3, and C x8. At this point the Options menu will change its name to “Hyper Options”, and will now include a plethora of new options including a stage select.
  • Hyper Difficulty – At the title screen press the C button 10 times and then head into the Options menu. In here you’ll now notice this new insanely difficult mode available, which raises the max speed of your Ferrari to 215 MPH. Alternatively, Hyper difficulty can be unlocked normally by completing the game on either Pro or Super Pro.
  • View Credits – To view Out Run’s Credits you must first earn enough points to place yourself on the hi score board. At this point you’ll want to enter your name as ENDING. The Credits will then begin to roll.

Master System

  • Sound Test – When your hand is on the radio, press Start followed by Right, Left, Down, Up. After their Left and Right will cycle through the tracks.
  • Reduced Time On Start – To reduce the time from the initial 80 seconds, you’ll initially want to enter the Sound Test and then begin a song. Then press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up, followed by either Left+1 or Right+1 to begin Out Run with 75 seconds, or Down to start with 70 seconds on the timer.

3D Out Run

As with most modern games, you won’t find any traditional cheat codes within the excellent 3D re-release of Out Run for Nintendo 3Ds. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to unlock. It also doesn’t mean that there isn’t an Easter to find either.

  • Unlockables
    • Arcade Mode – Hit all 5 checkpoint goals in all modes.
    • Cornering (Turn corners at a tighter angle) – Hit any checkpoint goal in any mode.
    • Engine (Increased top speed) – Hit any three different checkpoint goals throughout all modes.
    • Fender (Recover quicker) Hit any two different checkpoint goals throughout all modes.
    • Tires (Allows you to maintain your speed while driving off-road) – Hit any four different checkpoint goals throughout all modes.
  • Hidden Programmer Credit
    • This Easter Egg can only be found under specific circumstances, and references Out Run’s original Japanese arcade release in September 1986, alongside the game’s creator Yu Suzuki. Which is all good and well, but I suppose you’re wondering how you unlock it?
    • Well, to start with, this can only be accessed within either the Special or Arcade mode, and on top of this, the Easter Egg can only be found within 3D Out Run’s “Old” version.
    • Once you’ve set this up and are in the game, drive normally until you pass one of the signs indicating a fork in the road.
    • Then, when you are under one of these signs, immediately press and continue to hold the X button as you continue to drive.
    • Doing this will cause the text “PROGRAM YU SUZUKI 1986 SEP” to appear on the screen.

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