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Ristar takes some getting used to, and even then it doesn’t have a save function.  Nevertheless SEGA included a trusty series of cheats within Ristar.  Not only are these cheats extremely easy to use, but they cover far more than just access to a level select menu.  In fact Ristar’s cheats will cover everything, from access to the special time attack and boss rush modes, to making hidden items more visible.  Although some will only work on the Japanese version.

To enter a password in Ristar, simply head to the Options menu and enter any of the following codes.  It couldn’t be any simpler, and in fact if you didn’t know better you’d think SEGA were encouraging you to use these codes:

The following codes will work in all versions of the game:

AGES – Displays Copyright info

DOFEEL – Time Attack mode

ILOVEU – Stage select

MUSEUM –  Boss Rush mode

MIEMIE – Hidden items are made more visible with a blue star.

MAGURO – Onchi Music mode and Credits music in sound test

SUPERB – Super Difficulty Mode

SUPER – Super Hard mode

XXXXXX – Removes the current password

However, these powerful codes will only work if you are lucky enough to have the Japanese version of Ristar:

AAAAAA – No Continue limit

CANDY – Invincibility

FEEL  – Activates ILOVEU,MIEMIE,CANDY all at the same time

HETAP – Reverses the High Score in Demo Mode

MACCHA – Mentions Miyake colour

MASTER – Mentions next game

STAR – A shooting star goes across the background

VALDI – Shows the Solar System

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