Cheats & Secrets – Night Trap’s Secret NEMO Scene

Night Trap is a terrifying game, but not for the right reasons.  The gameplay is uninspiring and distracting, so distracting the you’ll probably find yourself missing most of the story.  Though in saying that, missing the story may actually be a blessing in disguise.  Nevertheless, if you can make your way through the story, then there is one secret awaiting players, and this secret is quite possibly more exciting than the game that sparked global outrage in the 90s.  So, whilst I finish off the final piece in Rings & Coins’ Horror themed content, with our review of Night Trap, here’s how to find the hidden secret in one of gaming’s most controversial moments.

Secret Scenes

So, there’s just the one hidden secret found within Night Trap, and this is accessed by entering the following code at the end of the credits, when “In Memory of Stephen D. Hassenfeld” appears:

UP, A, A, A, A, A.

Thankfully, this doesn’t reveal more painstaking FMV scenes from Night Trap itself.  Instead, this code reveals to the player something much more interesting.  This secret scene, is actually footage of Hasbro’s never released NEMO console, all demonstrated by President and CEO of Digital Pictures Tom Zito, alongside other members of the company.  Within this footage, players can also see a demo of the game Scene of the Crime being played.  Interestingly, this is the game that would later become the very game you’re playing, Night Trap.  Despite this console never being released, from a historical point of view this footage is quite valuable.  Though whether this is valuable enough to make it all the way to the credits of Night Trap, is another matter entirely.  Maybe just watch it here instead:

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