Cheats & Secrets – The Mysterious Murasame Castle

Need some help taking down the hordes of enemies that lie in wait for Takamaru?  Silly questions of course you do. Well tough!  Because Nintendo didn’t feel the need to give you any assistance in this highly challenging quest.  Instead it gave you cheats that require you to be skilled to earn them.  Slightly counterproductive I feel, yet nonetheless they do add to the challenge.  Anyway, here are the ‘cheats’ for The Mysterious Murasame Castle.


Sounds amazing right?  Well unfortunately earning (yes earning) invincibility requires you to gain 99 lives.  A feat that requires complete mastery of the game and multiple playthroughs.

See The Credits

Once you have defeated the Alien lying in the heart of Murasame Castle, rather than showing the credits, the game will simple begin again as many of the time did.  However to see the credits simply get yourself killed, save the game, and then the credits will show.

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