Cheats – Shaq Fu

Why you’d even want to play Shaq Fu is beyond me, and the best tip I can give you is to flush the cartridge down the toilet.  But if you insist on putting yourself through some mental torture then these Shaq Fu cheats may lesson the pain somewhat.

Blood Mode

Whilst in the options menu press the following code to in order to both add blood to the game, and customise the amount seen.

Code: A, B, C, C, B, A, (Mega Drive/Genesis) / Y, X, B, A, L, R. (SNES).

The screen will flash red to confirm the blood code.

Story Mode Character Select

In the Options menu you can select the character you would like to use in Story Mode by picking a specific number in the music test.

Mega Drive/Genesis: 1 – Mephis, 2 – Sett, 3 – Nezu, 4 – Kaori, 5 – Beast, 6 – Auroch, 7 – Voodoo, 8 – Colonel, 9 – Diesel, 10 – Leotsu, 11 – Rajah, 12 – Shaq

SNES: 1 – Shaq, 2 – Kaori, 3 – Beast, 4 – Sett, 5 – Mephis, 6 – Voodoo, 7 – Rajah

Then after you have selected your character, while still in the options screen press the following:

Code: Up, Down, B, Left, Right, B

A flash on the screen will confirm if you have done it successfully.

Remove The Background (Super Nintendo)

So now we get a cheat that takes away one of the only half decent aspects of the game!  Oh well here goes nothing.  To remove the background, again on the Options screen, press:

Up, Right, B, Down, Left, B.

Then go to Duel Mode and during your fight press X + B at the same time. This will remove the background.

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