Cheats – Super Back To The Future 2

Wanting to relive your favourite memory from Back To The Future Part 2 in 16-bit form?  Don’t want to have to traipse through the whole game to do it?  Well, you’re in luck, as thanks to the game’s extensive password system, you can skip to any level or boss whenever you want.  Even better, Super Back To The Future 2 features short 4 letter memorable passwords, rather than some 20 digit random combination of numbers and letters.

So without further ado, here is the entire password list for the Super Famicom’s Super Back To The Future 2, a game that, as I said in my review, fans of both the series, and platforming alike, should really try.

Level 0-1 – BACK

Level 1-1 – OPEN
Boss 1-2 (Griff 1) – BOSS

Level 2-1 – HEAD
Boss 2-2 (Griff 2) – FROG

Level 3-1 – IRON
Level 3-2 – BUST
Boss 3-3 (Jazzman) – WOLF
Level 3-4 – BLUE
Boss 3-5 (Hammerman & Ringmaster) – LION

Level 4-1 – JACK
Qeen 4-2 – QEEN
Level 4-3 – KING
Level 4-4 (1985 Biff) – BEAR

Level 5-1 – PINK
Level 5-2 – EYES
Level 5-3 – ROCK
Boss 5-4 (3-D, Skinhead, and Matches) – ZERO

Level 6-1 – WINK
Boss 6-2 (1955 Biff) – BIFF (How is easy is to get this password?)

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