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Blind drops, useless weapons, terrible level design, and of course one hit kills. Yep, Super Pitfall has an awful lot waiting to kill you over and over again. And that’s only if you haven’t already thrown the cartridge across the room in disgust at the fact you’re playing a game considered one of the worst to ever grace the legendary NES.

Nevertheless, if you are intent of traversing the pits that await, thankfully there’s a range of Super Pitfall cheats to allow you to explore this wildly criticisms game just for a little longer. However, I must warn you, whilst these Super Pitfall Cheats and tips may prevent you from losing all your progress, they won’t improve the gameplay.

Continue Game:

When you return to the title screen, simply press Select, A, A, A, Select and you should be able to continue your game from where you last died. Given how hard this game is already, it’s a travesty this wasn’t a standard feature of the game.

Perfect Ending:

Yes that’s right. You’d think just finishing this game was good enough, but no there’s a perfect ending.So how do you get this? Well simply grab all of the gold, and you’ll be “rewarded” with the perfect ending. You may want to grab a guide for that one mind you. I mean the game doesn’t even make you aware of which drops kill you, let alone where the treasure is.

Extra Bullets:

Haha. That’s a good one. Yes, the bullets may not do much damage, but if you want more then simply start the game as usual and head towards the first ladder. Once there, if you jump near the ladder, a gun should appear, and this will grant you 20 additional bullets.

Extra lives:

This is one tip you’ll definitely want to take advantage of. In order to grab a near unlimited amount of extra lives you’ll want to first go right and jump over the waterfall in the first level. Once here head over and kill the frog before going right, down an opening in the floor, and then down another ladder.

From here, head left past the ladder, and then go back right and kill another frog. From this position you can continually keep going from left to right killing the frogs that appear. For every seven frogs you’ll be granted an extra life. Simply do this as many times as you can manage to stomach.

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