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Contra is hard, very very hard.  So as always, following on from our review, Rings & Coins is here to help by delivering all the Contra cheats you’ll need to take down the Red Falcon Organisation, and leading the way here is one of the most legendary gaming codes of all time.  So get your pen and paper, because you’ll be reusing this one a lot.  Let me present to you…. The Konami Code.

30 Lives At the Title Screen – The Konami Code

For this you’ll need to enter the legendary Konami Code.  For those who aren’t in the know, this famous gaming cheat code is: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.  After this you’ll begin the game with 30 rather than three lives.

Steal a life from your partner

If you die in a two player game, simply just press and hold down A & B at the same time.

Sound Mode (JPN Only)

During the title screen, press and hold down A & B at the same time then push Start.

Secret Ending (Japanese Version)

During the ending, just before the final credits roll, press and hold down the Select and Start buttons.  Keep on holding these down until the credits are over and this will cause the Red Falcon to deliver a message vowing his revenge, hinting at the sequel.

Shoot While Ducking (During Stages 2 & 4)

When entering Bases 1 & 2, you can shoot high while ducking thus avoiding enemy fire but dealing maximum damage.  To do this hold Up on controller 2 while ducking with controller 1.

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