Cheats & Tips – Ninja Gaiden

There isn’t much to help you in what the game’s box refers to as “The fight of your life”.  It isn’t wrong, though this doesn’t impact on what is an essential 8-bit game.  Nevertheless, here’s a quick tip to help you out in the absence of any real cheat codes, alongside a code that’ll allow you to enjoy the Ninja Gaiden’s brilliant soundtrack at your leisure.

Extra Lives.

There’s one area in the game where you can farm for as many loves as you want, although it’s a job just reaching this point.  In Area 5-3, there’s a 1UP on the tower’s third level. If you grab it and then retrace your steps back down the ladder, when you return the 1UP will have too. Repeat this over and over for repeated lives.  At least the items return endlessly like the enemies.

Sound Test

Finally, this isn’t a cheat to help you out but that doesn’t make it a waste of time.  As this code will allow you to listen to any of the tracks from the game’s amazing soundtrack whenever you like.  To activate the Sound Test, simply hold Hold A, B, Left, Down, Select, and then press Start when the “Tecmo Presents 1989” screen appears.

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