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You may have thought there wouldn’t be many secrets hidden within Tetris, or possibly it’s never crossed your mind.  However they do exist, and whilst most simply alter the gameplay or provide the player with fun easter eggs, there is one extremely useful tip that has long stayed hidden from Tetris players.  One tip that delves deep into the core programming of the game, allowing you to manipulate the order in which the Tetris blocks will fall.

Manipulate The Order The Blocks Fall

Deep in the background of the game, every time a block moves on the screen, the game counts it.  From this the game calculates that the blocks that you move the most, are the ones you have the most difficulty with, and gives you more and more of these as the game’s difficulty increases.  However, by knowing this information you can manipulate the game’s programming by constantly moving the pieces that you have a preference for.  This will mean that rather than dishing out the pieces you don’t want, in fact you’ll end up with more of the ones you do want.

Increase The Game Speed

At the main menu screen, start the game by pressing both down and start.  This will increase the game’s speed by 10 levels, meaning that level 1 becomes level 11 and so on.

Play Without Knowing What Is Coming Next

To make the game harder and remove the “next” box, simply press select during play.  It’s as simple as that, and if this is too hard pressing select again will bring the box back.

Easter Eggs

Score 100,000 in the Type A game and you will be rewarded with an animation of a rocket ship blasting off.

Beat level 9 of the Type B game and you will be rewarded with an animation of dancing Russian men.

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