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In Simon’s inaugural article on rings and coins he mentioned that there would be contributions from his younger (and more handsome) brother, Stuart Drake. So here I am, the Luigi to his Mario, the Diddy to his Donkey, the Stuart to his Simon (and can we just agree now that Luigi & Diddy are both superior to Mario & Donkey Kong and therefore by extrapolation can we assume that I am also better? Yeah? Excellent!). Before you get to experience any of my work I thought it would be useful for you to know a bit about my gaming background and what I aim to bring to the table.


In our family my brother is the real gaming fanatic, it’s always been his passion. For me my passion was always sport, in particular football. I have always had geeky tendencies though which manifested in my love for comic books, Yu-Gi-Oh! and video games. As a youngster I played many video games but I was only interested in a small section of the industry and didn’t really engage in the conversation around games. I just played them. It wasn’t till high school that my love for video games really bloomed. It was at this time I decided to dedicate a lot of my free time educating myself in the world and history of gaming. During this time I strove to increase my general knowledge of gaming through reading magazines and websites, watching youtube clips and many (many!) long wikipedia sessions.


So what am I going to bring to the website then? Well I aim to use my knowledge and my own opinions to help anyone else out there who is looking to widen their knowledge of the gaming world or is just looking for a fresh take on an older generation of games. There are also a large number of games from this era that I have never played before so I will be going back to look at those games and see if they still hold up by today’s standards. I’m also looking to expand the way we bring content to you so I’ll be looking at our social media and exploring new methods of delivering content. If any of that sounds interesting to you stick around and check out our work, I hope you enjoy it.

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See you space cowboy!

Stuart Drake

Not very good at writing about games and even worse at them. Is that going to stop me doing either? Absolutely not! You can follow this Pokémaniac on Twitter and Instagram via @Boogbn

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