Is a Brand New 8-Bit Controller En-route?

Retro Fighters have recently launched a new Kickstarter, with the aim of creating a modern reimagining of a classic retro 8-bit controller.  In this case the classic controller being modernised, is obviously the NES controller.  In their quest to merge modern controllers with the NES controller, Retro Fighters have added turbo buttons underneath the A and B buttons, dual analog sticks, and both shoulder and trigger buttons in order to both, add new features for classic gamers, and make the controller more accessible .  They will also be using a glossy UV finish on the “improved” D-pad, and a soft rubber coating to replace the hard plastic shell that most controllers used at the time.


Now, you may be wondering what truly makes this controller a next-gen NES controller, rather than just another USB controller.  Well the answer is simply, because it is compatible with the original NES.  In fact according to Retro Fighters, the controller is the first to work with both PC/MAC and the 8-bit defining console.  It’s a weird sort of fact, but is nonetheless important, as to any one interested in retro gaming (and why wouldn’t you be!) this gives it the edge over most, if not all, USB controllers.  Don’t underestimate the value of PC/MAC support though,  as this understandably means that the controller will work with all PC compatable games, which of course includes emulators.


Nevertheless, if this controller gets the backing it needs, then 8-bit gamers will be able to jump straight into the action, whilst modern gamers will be able to take advantage of all the extra additions.  Some may just love the original rectangular NES controller, but who can argue with someone offering a brand new NES controller.  According to their Kickstarter, the ultimate aim would be to build a brand around the Retro Fighters name, with this being the first step.  They also state that they are “Fighting for Retro”, something Rings & Coins can definitely get behind.  Retro Fighters are asking for $12,000, with a $30 pledge bagging you one of the controllers at a special rate.  Current pledges total $1,655, with 23 days to go.  Rings & Coins will be keeping an eye on this Kickstarter, and will be sure to report back if the campaign is successful.

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