News – Adventures of Mana PS Vita Version Now Available In English

Adventures of Mana is a game known by many names. These include Final Fantasy Adventure, Mystic Quest, and its original Japanese title of Seiken Densetsu. Regardless of how you know it though, the original entry in the Mana series is still regarded as one of the very best Action RPGs on the Game Boy.

This is why when Square Enix announced that they would be creating a 3D remake to celebrate the title’s 25th Anniversary, retro gaming fans rejoiced. Unfortunately though, for many in the west, this announcement would be tinged with a degree of disappointment. You see, whilst Japan would receive the remake for both smartphones and the PS Vita, the portable gaming console was notably absent from the Japanese publisher’s western plans.

Nevertheless, that’s all changed now, thanks in part to the outpouring of fan support for a western PS Vita release. Something Square Enix’s Community Manager Dan Seto addressed when speaking of the western release of the Adventures of Mana PS Vita port.

When Adventures of Mana was originally released, a lot of PS Vita owners were disappointed that we couldn’t launch it worldwide at the time. Since then, the development team have been working extremely hard to bring it over so I’m really happy to let you guys know that your voices were heard and the team is really happy to bring Adventures of Mana to the PS Vita community and celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Mana series with you all.

Adventures of Mana English Vita

For those who have yet to experience this classic JRPG, the origins of the Mana series sees the player embark on a quest to defend the legendary Mana tree. This is all done with the ultimate aim of protecting the land and the mystical powers that lie within, from those who look to corrupt it. The original Game Boy release brought with it many JRPG elements inspired by Final Fantasy, merging these with action, adventure, and puzzle mechanics.

For many it still stands as one of the finest action RPG’s on a portable console, and now for anyone who missed it the first time round a great adventure awaits. One that has all the mod-cons of a modern title, without altering the original retro experience. Adventures of Mana PS Vita can now be grabbed for $13.99 / £11.49 / €13.99 by heading over to the PlayStation Store now.

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