News – Chiptune Album 8Bit Music Power To Be Released On Famicom

Would it surprise you if I said that there is a brand new famicom cartridge being released in Japan?  Well believe it or not, that’s exactly what’s happening.  Although it isn’t actually a game that is being released.  Instead, this brand new Famicom cartridge titled 8Bit Music Power is looking to celebrate one of the most loved aspects of the 8-bit generation, Chiptune music.

The Famicom / NES still to this day holds some of the best gaming music.  Music which includes the likes of Mega Man, Super Mario Bros, Punch-Out!! and Ninja Gaiden. It’s a style of music that is still loved and specialised, especially within the homebrew field, and essentially that’s what 8Bit Music Power is, a celebration.

8Bit Music Power Box
8Bit Music Power’s Famicom box, featuring art by nostalgic pixel art creator Hiroshi Ono.

Furthermore, to do this, Japanese homebrew developer RIKI, who many will know from his other Famicom cartridge release, the homebrew title Kira Kira Star Night, has brought together eleven artists.  These eleven artists, include the likes of Namco Arcade Games Composer Yuriko Keino, and Ape Escape Composer Omodaka. All in all, showing that RIKI has left no stone unturned in celebrating the magic that is 8-bit music.

Even better, famous nostalgic pixel art creator Hiroshi Ono has been brought on board to create the images that adorn the cover.  This isn’t the only extra touch that’s found in this 8-bit chiptune music compilation.  In fact, the cartridge will feature a wealth of extras, including on-screen visuals, and even equalisers.

So what have you got to do to get your hand on this Japanese exclusive?  Well, anyone over in the west who wants to get their hands on this, might just be in luck.  Set for release on the 31st of January 2016, the game is currently available to pre-order via import retailer Play-Asia priced at $29.99.  Although it should be said that publisher Columbus Circle has recently announced that only 1000 copies will be released, so anyone after this might want to grab a pre-order quick.

Oh, but don’t forget you will need a Famicom to play it. Either way, it’s nice and welcome to see a new game released on the classic cartridge format, and we here at Rings & Coins are looking forward to seeing how this plays on release. Even more so we’ll be looking forward to seeing what kind of music is created in honour of the 8-bit era of gaming.

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