News – Contra Returns!

Yes, you read that right.   This week Konami announced that Contra, one of the company’s most loved retro franchises, is set to make a comeback.  However, this may not be the return you’d hoped for.

Whilst still without an official title, we do nevertheless have some details about Contra’s return, and these plans follow Konami’s recent decision to focus on the mobile market.  As such, this new Contra title is being developed exclusively for iOS and Android.  However, that might not be the only blow to everyone who was hoping for a return to Contra of old, as this game has currently only been announced for release in China, and will feature a free to play mechanic.

We can still hope for some classic Contra gameplay, can’t we?

Within the announcement Konami stated that the side-scrolling shooter:

will retain the style and themes that Contra fans know and love.

In addition, Konami also went on to reaffirm their plans to use more of their traditional retro franchises in the same way, stating that they plan to:

continue to distribute new titles from its various IPs across a range of devices, platforms, and game formats, to provide customers worldwide with new and exciting entertainment.

It’s nice to hear of the return of an old friend.  But let’s just hope that the much loved series is treated with the respect it deserves.

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