News – Is The Donkey Kong World Record Now Unbeatable?

In the past we here at Rings & Coins have spoken of the high drama that surrounds the Game of Thrones that is the Donkey Kong World Champion. When Wes Copeland last took the crown from Robbie Lakemen, it looked like only a perfect game could beat his latest high score, a feat that unlike Pac-Man is not believed to have ever happened. However, now only 4 months later, it appears as though exactly that has happened, although not in the way you my think.

That’s because the current world champion Wes Copeland hasn’t actually been dethroned. You see, what’s actually happened, is that he has broken his own Donkey Kong world record. Not only that, but he’s achieved this feat with what is believed to be a perfect game.

Donkey Kong World Record Perfect
Wes Copeland’s brand new world record high score.

This feat, which took Copeland three hours and 17 minutes to accomplish, was announced to the world via a post on his personal Facebook account. This post contained both a picture of his high score, along with the following comment:

New world record! This will be my last record score… I don’t believe I can put up a game any higher than this.

On top of this he also posted his perfect game for the world to see on YouTube, something that can be viewed in its entirety below.

So why exactly is Copeland’s world record score of 1,218,000 considered a perfect game? Well, quite simply this is because Copeland didn’t lose a single life en-route to Donkey Kong’s 22nd level, a stage which acts as the game’s de-facto final stage. The reason behind this is that when a player reaches the 22nd level, an error in the game’s programming causes Mario to repeatedly die after only few seconds, in turn ending the game.

As such, given that Copeland made it to Donkey Kong’s kill screen without a single mistake, it stands to reason that this Donkey Kong world record could very well be this iconic game’s last. What’s more if this is to be the case, then Wes Copeland may well have just made himself immortal. Well, in terms of Donkey Kong that is.

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