News – Former Champion of Six Hours Regains Donkey Kong World Record

Back in September we reported on the 2015 Donkey Kong Online Open, and along with it the drama that ensued within. That drama saw the Donkey Kong World Record change hands not once, but twice, all within six hours. For Wes Copeland it was a fleeting moment as the “King of Kong”, taking title from reigning champion Robert Lakeman, only to have Lakeman beat his score of 1,170,500 by a mere 1,600 six hours later. As such, retaking the crown before Copeland had even really had a chance to celebrate.

However just like Lakeman, the best aways bounce back stronger and better, and that’s exactly what Copeland has done, becoming the new Donkey Kong World Record holder…. again. The now two time champion Copeland set a score of 1,190,000 at another Donkey Kong Open in order to take himself back to the summit, and with it push Lakeman’s score of 1,170,500 into second place. He may not have had a chance to celebrate back in September 2015, but he certainly does this time.

Copeland’s entire World Record playthrough can be viewed in full below:

In fact, taking to social media, former champion Lakeman has also graciously congratulated the new champion.

Wes, definitely enjoy it, you’ll have it for a while, I had the record longer than I thought I would. … This was an outlet for a while, but I’ve gotten where I want to be with it. The torch has now been passed.

This congratulation only came after Lakeman attempted what he knows best, retaking the title. However, he unfortunately fell short of achieving this feat twice, and as such announced a temporary retirement. In doing so stating that he wanted to:

focus on things that should really matter to me at this point.

So now, with Copeland’s main rival seemingly out of the picture for the time being, it would seem that he is destined to hold the Donkey Kong World Record for a whole lot longer than six hours.

World Record Play
An image from Copeland’s Donkey Kong World Record playthrough.

In fact, based on research conducted by ESPN’s FiveThirtyEight blog, it seems that it would take some feat to de-throne Copeland. You see, this research suggests that the hypothetical maximum high score for Donkey Kong should stand somewhere around the 1,200,000 mark. A score that Copeland himself was really not that far from.

So, who knows how long this record will last in the competitive world of Donkey Kong World Records? It’ll be interesting to see if and when anyone attempts to step up to the challenge and take this record away from Copeland.  Either way though, we here at Rings & Coins would also like to congratulate Copeland on his new World Record.

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