News – GameFAQs Celebrates 20 Years

GameFAQs, the home of all the tricks, cheats and tips you could ever possibly desire, is celebrating their twentieth anniversary this week.  Originally created on 5th November 1995 under the title “Video Game FAQ Archive”, GameFAQs has for many years looked to collect together the combined gaming knowledge of gamers worldwide.  With all this being in aid of the common goal of mastering games new and old.  In turn, it has proved to be an invaluable tool for gamers everywhere, especially those with a penchant for all things retro.

Celebrating 20 years on GameFAQs’ homepage

Being the original home of fan-made gaming walkthroughs, there’s a lot to be thankful for in GameFAQs library of knowledge.  Additionally, whilst in recent years the site has potentially lost some traffic to streaming services, it still holds invaluable information when it comes to the more obscure games not picked up by popular streamers, especially those from years gone by.  Not only this, but all of this information is all wrapped up in a plain text aesthetic, that will make most people nostalgic for the 90s.  So, being an avid user of GameFAQs still to this day, Rings & Coins would like to say Happy Birthday to the site that’s got both of us out of quite a few gaming jams over the years.

Sophia Aubrey Drake

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