News – Garou: Mark of the Wolves Returns for Fatal Fury’s 25th Anniversary

Fatal Fury is one of the most iconic fighting series of the 16-bit era. Not only did it help establish the Neo Geo, but it also gave us the iconic character of Terry Bogard, and even sparked not one but two legendary fighting franchises, in the form of both Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters. Additionally, it also celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, and that’s something SNK are determined not to see go un-celebrated.

Now of course, this year we’ve already seen the release of The King of Fighters XIV, the latest instalment in SNK’s flagship fighter. However, not content with this, SNK also teamed up with The Code Mystics, Inc earlier in they year in order to port The Last Blade 2 to PlayStation platforms. And it seems like SNK aren’t done yet, as next up to be ported to PS4 and PSVita, is the cult classic Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

So, with so many classic fighters, why pick Garou: Mark of the Wolves specifically? Well quite simply, SNK asked its fans which Neo Geo classic they would like to see most on PSN, and Garou received a massive percentage of the vote. As such, SNK will once again be teaming up with The Code Mystics, Inc to port the most recent entry in the Fatal Fury series to PlayStation consoles, nearly 17 years after it was first released in arcades.

Even better, just like with The Last Blade 2, this won’t be a like for like port, and will instead include numerous improvements. These include a gallery mode, ability to browse the original soundtrack, and online multiplayer thanks to The Code Mystics, Inc’s highly praised proprietary netcode. Finally, it will also support Cross Buy, meaning anyone who buys it on PS4 or PSVita will receive it free of charge for the other platform.


Currently, outside of a tentative 2016, there’s no definite release date for this updated version of Garou: Mark of the Wolves. However, given the entire series celebrates its 25th anniversary on 25th November 2016, it’s a safe bet to assume it could be around this time. Either way, Rings & Coins will as always be on hand to keep you updated on all things not only Garou, but SNK for that matter too.

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