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The launch of Street Fighter V is now right around the corner, and both fighting and retro fans all around the world are eagerly awaiting its launch. So, in order to keep up the anticipation for this latest evolution in what is arguably the greatest fighting series of all time, Capcom have decided to give us one more taste of what’s in store. This comes in the form of the game’s brand new opening cinematic, and boy is it impressive.

Following on in the cell shaded style showcased in Street Fighter IV, this opening cinematic showcases an array of characters, both new and old, alongside a range of stylised fights. What’s more, the highly stylised visuals that are on display here aren’t just for cinematics either. In fact, anyone who’s even played Street Fighter IV will know to aspect the same style and level of presentation in the game’s final build.

Aside from just looking good and upping the excitement, this cinematic trailer also gives us our first complete glimpse at the cast of fighters that will be available from day one, with many old faces still ready to take on all challengers. From Ryu to M. Bison (or Vega depending on your country), to even Ken’s new look, you can expect to find that an impressive half of the starting 16 characters originate from the 16-bit days. That’s not all either, as Balrog and Guile will be added soon after launch as DLC, adding even more retro goodness.

The cinematic also gives us an insight into some of the story angles that may come into play this time round, as the game looks to bridge the gap between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III. This is even more important than normal, as the game’s plot will be given more focus than ever in Street Fighter V, thanks to the cinematic story mode that Capcom will be adding to the game in June. Nevertheless, we still get to see a lot here, most notably Nash rising from the dead in order to stop Bison and Shadaloo once and for all.

SFV Cast
A snippet of the fighters in Street Fighter V, featuring more than one retro favourite.

Having played Street Fighter V through not only the beta, but at various events too, I can honestly say that this is one game I am definitely looking forward to. Early impressions show that Capcom and Dimps have not only stayed true to the series’ 16-bit roots, but that they’ve used this as the basis to bring the series into 2016. As such, from what I’ve played, the game is certainly looking to blend past, present, and future together, with this being true both from a character point of view, and in respect of the gameplay.

Street Fighter V launches worldwide on 16th February on PS4 and PC, with this upcoming instalment in the legendary retro series fittingly arriving in the same month that Street Fighter II turns 25. We here at Rings & Coins can’t wait to get our hands on this latest evolution in fighting games, and we’ll be bringing you a full review from a retro perspective later in the month. In the meantime though, I better get practicing those Hadoukens and Shoryukens I suppose.

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