News – Celebrate 25 Years With The Humble Sonic Bundle

It’s been 25 years to the day since the blue blur first sped onto the Mega Drive / Genesis (though not is actual debut as we details here). Can you believe it? Well regardless, here at Rings & Coins that’s definitely something worth celebrating, and it seems like Sega and Humble Bundle agree.

That’s because today both parties announced the Humble Sonic Bundle. A bundle which includes not only some of the very best moments in Sonic’s history, but also from the 16-bit era as a whole. In fact, there’s really no better way to celebrate this monumental anniversary.

Humble Sonic Bundle Logo

Humble Sonic Bundle

So what exactly do you get in the bundle then? Well, as is standard for Humble Bundle, there’s a great amount of choice depending on how much you want to pay. Although, even if you only want to spend $1, you’ll still get Sonic’s debut title, and even Sonic CD, a game that many believe to be his finest hour.

That’s obviously not all there is though, as beating the average price will see you complete Sonic’s main 16-bit adventures with Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles (my personal favourite). Beating the average will also net you the excellent Sonic Adventure titles as well. Whilst a donation of $10 or more will see you grab some of Sonic’s more recent outings, including the retro inspired Sonic Generations. All of these games are then redeemable within Steam, with classic 16-bit titles running through the Sega Mega Drive Classics Hub.

Humble Sonic Bundle


Even better, thanks to Humble Bundle’s charity focus, every purchase will also help raise money for some great causes. However, also in typical Humble Bundle fashion, you’ll want to make sure you grab this one while you can. As just like Sonic, it won’t be around for long. To be precise, this mega bundle will only be around until Monday 4th July.

Humble Sonic Comics Bundle

That’s not all though, as Humble Bundle have also have prepared second bundle to celebrate 25 years of one of gaming’s most iconic figures. You see, to go alongside the Humble Sonic Bundle, Humble have also teamed with Archie Comics in order to launch the Humble Sonic Comics Bundle. And as an added bonus, this one is available for a day longer than the main bundle.

Humble Sonic Comics Bundle


This bundle brings together over $300 worth of Sonic comics, ranging from the Genesis years, all the way through to the very recent reboot that began with Sonic The Hedgehog Issue #252. Offering them in a range of user friendly formats that include epub, pdf and cbz. So if playing through Sonic’s greatest adventures wasn’t enough, now you can read your way through some of them too.

So there you go, two perfect ways to celebrate Sonic’s 25th Birthday, whilst also giving to charity at the same time. Just make sure you grab them whilst you can, and then after that head back over here to Rings & Coins. As soon we’ll be continuing to celebrate Sonic’s 25th Anniversary by looking at the making of the Sonic’s very first platforming adventure.

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