News – The King of Fighters XIV Arrives This Summer

The King of Fighters is one of the 16-bit era’s classic fighting series, and whilst the days of us getting brand new Neo Geo titles may be long gone, SNK are still just as committed to the legendary series. In fact, it was only last year that they announced the 14th instalment in the franchise, and now we have a definitive release date, and a few brand new trailers.

Coming on August 23rd in North America, and then in its native homeland of Japan only two days later, The King of Fighters XIV aims to preserve the classic retro-infused 2D gameplay and the iconic three-on-three team battles, whilst also bringing to the table modern gaming features and fresh new 3d visuals.

What’s more, in announcing the game’s release date for this Summer, SNK also introduced gamers to The King of Fighters XIV’s story.

KOF has become a major business, generating huge profits and numerous spin-off tournaments worldwide. However, this led to a lowering of the overall quality, and voices began to rise across the globe demanding the formation of one unique, worldwide KOF competition.

One day, a billionaire claiming to be the “first champion” bought out all of the rights for the KOF Tournament. His name: Antonov. The announcement of a new KOF Tournament by the self-proclaimed champion created unprecedented enthusiasm around the world. From there, this excitement reached many of the classic participants of the legendary tournament directly in the form of an official invitation…

All in all, what with 50 different characters that include a variety of classic characters such as fighting icon Terry Bogard, The King of Fighters XIV looks set to give gamers a retro fighting experience with a modern twist. Much like titles such as Street Fighter V and Mortal Kombat X.

What’s more, now that we have a definitive release date for the PlayStation 4 exclusive, retro gamers worldwide can now begin the countdown to the return of one gaming’s classic fighting franchises. In fact, I’ve already begun, and of course Rings & Coins will be on hand to cover everything King of Fighters XIV this August.

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