News – Ever Wanted To See A Legend of Zelda Hong Kong Crime Drama?

There are many excellent fan-made web series about video games. These include Mortal Kombat: Legacy, Street Fighter: Assassins’s Fist, Metal Gear Solid Philanthropy and even a live action Sonic adaption. Nevertheless, whilst all of these are all different in their own right, they do have one thing in common, namely that they all remain very true to the source material.

However, that really isn’t something you can say about YouTube team DaysideTV’s recently released adaption of The Legend of Zelda. That’s because Dayside TV have unexpectedly taken Link’s adventures through the Kingdom of Hyrule, and well turned it into a short Legend of Zelda Hong Kong crime drama. See, I told you it was unexpected.

The premise of this short Youtube film sees Link as a lone police officer intent on bringing down Ganon’s mafia-esque empire. That’s not all though, as Link is also searching for a woman named Zelda who is known to be a key person in this criminal empire. However, whilst Link believes Zelda is the key to bringing down this empire, his police colleagues don’t and ban him from the Ganon case.

This all causes a turn of events that is very much a parody of the entire genre. Not only because Link quits the force and goes after Zelda and Ganon alone, but also because this in turn forces him to become a renegade cop. Whilst the trailer can be found above, this complete Legend of Zelda Hong Kong crime drama parody can be found below.

Trust me, this really is one of the weirdest and most confusing video game tie-ins you’ll ever see.  Even if it does have absolutely nothing to do with Nintendo and is entirely 100% fan-made. It’s also extremely comical, although I’m not sure this was intended by the makers. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve watched it.

All in all, this Legend of Zelda Hong Kong crime drama definitely does continue to prove how dedicated its legions fans are. And whilst it may not be the Nintendo developed Legend of Zelda series for Netflix that was touted about last year, it’s certainly worth a watch one way or another. Even if curiosity did kill the cat.

Sophia Aubrey Drake

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