News – First 6 Mega Man Games Coming To iOS & Android as Mega Man Mobile

It looks like the Mega Man 8-bit collection will also be finding a home on Western smartphones after all. The Mega Man collection has seen something of a renaissance recently, having been released across all current platforms as the Mega Man Legacy Collection, alongside being announced for smartphones in Japan as Rockman Mobile. Nevertheless, with a western mobile announcement notably absent, many have wondered weather Capcom would release Mega Man Mobile on iOS and Android in the West after all.

Well wonder no more, as announced via the following tweet, Mega Man Mobile will arrive globally this January. Those interested can even pre-register right now via this official link.

According to Famitsu’s reveal, each game will be released one by one, rather as a collection as we have seen recently. Furthermore, it was also revealed that each game will employ a virtual control scheme, which I’m sure will cause more than just a few groans from many. However, Capcom have remapped the suit change to the touch screen, meaning that you’ll be able to get back to Metal Blade even quicker than normal.

Image from Famitsu depicting mobile virtual controls.

Now of course, there’s no better way to play Mega Man than with a dedicated controller, preferably an NES one. However, another way to not only play one of the 8-bit eras greatest series, but possibly even a way to introduce new gamers to its greatness is always welcome. Let’s also hope that with all these re-releases, Capcom is also considering creating a brand new 8-bit Mega Man game. After all, it’s been a while since the great Mega Man 10 was released on PlayStation 3 back in 2009.

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