News – Retro Receiver Makes NES Wireless

If there’s only one criticism that can be levelled at retro gaming, it’s having to go back to controllers with cables. Yes they’re definitely more reliable, but they also mean extended periods of time dedicated to untangling cables, and to sitting closer to the tv than we’re used today. However, when it comes to the iconic NES, that’s all about to change thanks to the Retro Receiver.

Created by gaming peripheral makers 8Bitdo and Analogue, the Bluetooth Retro Receiver not only allows you to play the original NES without worrying about cables, but it allows you to do it with a range of controllers.

Retro Receiver 3
Say goodbye to controller cables.

You see, understandably the Retro Receiver is primarily built to communicate with 8Bitdo’s own custom built wireless NES and SNES controllers. However, a happy addition is that it can also communicate with modern bluetooth controllers, such as PlayStation’s DualShock 3 and 4, alongside even Nintendo’s Wii and Wii U Pro controllers.

Moreover, the Retro Receiver also supports up to four controllers simply from the one dongle, and even configures any additional buttons to act as autofire versions of A and B. Something extremely useful for retro gaming fans. Finally, it’s also compatible with Windows (X-INPUT), Mac OSX (X-INPUT) and the PS3 for those without a NES who are interested.

Retro Receiver 2
The Retro Receiver can even communicate with 8Bitdo’s retro fightsticks.

The adapter which costs $19.99 (about £13.75) is available now, and is definitely something worth considering if you’re a fan or retro gaming who wants a few of the latest mod-cons to go alongside some of the greatest hits of the 80s.

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