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Nowadays it’s all about FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer if you want to replicate the beautiful game.  Yet back in the early 90s, it was all about Sensible Soccer.  A game so popular, that it even topped Amiga Power’s All Time Top 100 chart back in the day.

At the time of release, Sensible Soccer altered the way football games were played, featuring a bird’s eye view, alongside both editable teams and a simple yet user-friendly control scheme.  In fact, Sensible Soccer can arguably be seen to have given considerable inspiration to the annualised franchises we still play to this day.  And now, series developer Jon Hare is looking to revive the cult classic on Kickstarter.

Sensible Soccer on the Amiga
Sensible Soccer on the Amiga

Unfortunately though, he’s having to do it without the Sensible Soccer name.  Having been owned by Codemasters since 1999, Hare has tried on numerous occasions to launch a new Sensible Soccer game, but to no avail.  Something he recently revealed to Eurogamer when he stated:

I’ve had chats with them, but they’ve never offered me reasonable licensing conditions. I’ve been talking to them for 10 years about it. It’s just not worth my while.

As such, Hare has decided to carry on the spirit of Sensible Soccer, but with a new name, Sociable Soccer.  A name that embodies this new title, due to the way in which Sociable Soccer is looking to blend classic retro gameplay, with the interconnectivity of modern titles.  However, before he can do that Hare is looking to raise £300,000 to get the development properly up and running, with the title planned for release on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One.

Sociable Soccer Concept Footage
Sociable Soccer Concept Footage

So if you’ve had a craving for some classic football gameplay on a modern console, then head over to Sociable Soccer’s Kickstarter and check it out.  Over on the kickstarter page there’s some early screenshots, along with a trailer that you can find below.  Not only that, but if you really dig what you’re seeing, then a pledge of £12 or more will secure you a digital copy of the game on its release.

This seems to be quite the exciting prospect for anyone who was a fan of Sensible Software back in the day, or of football in general, and is certainly worth checking out.  It’s always nice to see potential Retro Classics return, and we’d like to wish Jon Hare good luck with his campaign.  Additionally, as always, Rings & Coins will be here to keep you updated on how this latest Kickstarter goes, so keep checking back to find out the results in just under a months time.

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