News – Nintendo Readying To Announce SNES Mini?

This week Nintendo shocked the retro world by seemingly discontinuing their hugely popular NES Classic Mini. In covering this announcement, we speculated on what could be Nintendo’s reason for discontinuing their hugely successful throwback to the glorious 8-bit days, and well it seems like one of those reasons may just be right on the money. What’s more, it’s a reason that will definitely cheer up any retro fan disappointed by last week’s news.

So what’s this good news for retro fans then? Well, according to Eurogamer’s unnamed sources, the reason behind this sudden end to production, is because Nintendo are readying production on none other than a SNES Mini. Yes, that’s right, it seems like Nintendo is already producing a mini version of the classic 90s 16-bit console, and that it’ll apparently be on shelves for Christmas 2017.

SNES Mini Main Console
Sources claim the console will be out for Christmas 2017, but if the NES Classic Mini is anything to go by, you’ll definitely want to grab a pre-order the moment they go live. Also, please let’s hope we get the PAL version here in Europe (seen above), rather than the less than pleasing North American model.

Not only is this what every Nintendo, retro, heck gaming fan wants, but it also helps make sense of the whole NES Classic Mini’s discontinuation. You see, as Nintendo explained last week, the NES Classic Mini was only meant to be a celebratory product for Christmas last year, one that would only receive a limited production run. Nevertheless, the console’s success shocked even Nintendo themselves, and as such further shipments beyond the original plans were made.

However, it seems like despite the huge demand for the micro console, something seen through the high prices the console fetches on the likes of eBay, continuing production has now become no longer an option. Why? Well quite simply, because they need to begin manufacturing the SNES Mini, with this factor weighing heavily on the decision to discontinue the NES Classic Mini’s production.

The potential good news of this discovery doesn’t end their either though. That’s because this time round, you would think that Nintendo will hopefully have a better idea of how successful the SNES Mini may be based on the back NES Classic Mini, and as such allocate sufficient stock. What’s more, it also means that once the SNES Mini is shipped, we could see the return of the NES Classic Mini, something backed up by Nintendo of Europe and Japan’s comments regarding possible future announcements additional production runs.

Let’s not forget the best news of all though, the fact that the 16-bit era is getting the same treatment as the 8-bit era did with the NES Classic Mini. I mean just what classic titles from the 90s will Nintendo cram into a SNES Mini? From Super Mario World to the Donkey Kong Country series, A Link To The Past to Super Metroid, and even third party classics like Street Fighter II and Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, the Super Nintendo really does have one of the greatest libraries in all of gaming, and is certainly a console that deserves its acclaim as one, if not the, greatest console ever made.

SNES Mini - SNES Games
Just think. The SNES Mini could possibly include every single one of these games.

Of course, for now all of this is still just speculation, but you can’t say it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Plus, it does appear to be coming from credible sources, despite their anonymity. As such, it looks like exciting times await retro gaming fans once again, and Rings & Coins will be on hand to confirm all the details if and when we get them.

For now though, what 30 games would you include in a SNES Mini given the choice? I know that’s all I’ll be thinking of between now and the announcement, oh and watching and waiting for the pre-orders to open. Nevertheless, all I can say is, it better have Donkey Kong Country 2 on it!

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