News – SNK Playmore Returns To Simply Being SNK

Last November SNK announced to the world, that it was leaving the world of Pachinko in order to solely focus on creating brand new games. Well, it turns out that’s not all the classic Japanese developer and publisher is doing in order to show it’s dedicated to returning to its gaming roots.

You see as of this week, SNK Playmore will be dropping the “Playmore” from its name, and as such will once again simply be known as “SNK”. This is all being done as a part of what the company is describing as “SNKs revival”.

The company’s brand new, or rather returning, logo.

In addition to this name change, SNK will also be changing a few other things. Understandably, one these is the logo, which now mirrors the name change by simply displaying the SNK initials. However, in addition to returning to its old name, the company is also returning its classic retro slogan:

The Future Is Now

Founded on July 22nd 1978, SNK became SNK Playmore in 2001 when Playmore Corporation acquired the Neo Geo developer. This then coincided with a gradual move away from concentrating on the business’ traditional focus of video games, and onto other ventures such as Japanese Pachinko slot machines.

SNK is not only known for its franchises, but also for its iconic characters. The most famous of these is Terry Bogard who will return this year in The King of Fighters XIV.

However, last year Chinese investors managed to acquire 81.25% of SNK Playmore’s shares, with the intention of focusing on expanding the company’s vast array of IPs, which include the Neo Geo, Metal Slug, Fatal Fury, and The King of Fighters, which returns later in the year. This is all with the ultimate goal of returning SNK to its former glory as a developer and publisher of some of the best experiences in video gaming.

All in all, we here at Rings & Coins have been extremely excited to see the return of some of SNKs iconic franchises and characters, alongside the company’s newfound decision to double down on its retro gaming routes. As such, this announcement simply comes as even more welcome news, and just makes us excited to see the past return in the future.

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