News – Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition Continues The Retro 90s Vibe

You have to give credit to Sega for taking Sonic back to its routes for Sonic Mania. From the gameplay to the design, Sonic Mania screams of the 90s and 16-bit gaming. What’s more, Sega is also continuing this vibe within its limited release Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition.

So what exactly makes this Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition retro then? Well aside from the original Sonic the Hedgehog inspired cover art, the bundle also comes a Sega cartridge cast with replica Golden Ring from the Sonic games, alongside a 12 inch statue of Sonic the Hedgehog standing on an original Sega Mega Drive / Genesis. What’s more, the replica console even plays the iconic “Sega” startup audio when switched on.


Of course, the bundle also comes with a download code for Sonic Mania too. However, unlike the standard digital only release, this code comes on a metallic collector’s card for collector’s to keep forever.

Finally, if that wasn’t enough retro goodness, Sega have also continued this 90s feel all the way through to the marketing. Just take a look at the video below and you’ll see for yourself. In fact, you’d be forgiven for sitting there waiting for the “Genesis Does” slogan to appear at the end.

The Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition will be available across North America at select retailers for $69.99, and across Europe for £79.99 exclusively through Amazon. Additionally, whilst the clue is in the name, it should be noted that this bundle is strictly limited edition. As such, anyone interested may want to act fast.

Sonic Mania is scheduled to arrive next Spring on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and is definitely a game to keep your eyes on. In fact, if our hands on time at EGX was anything to go by, this could well be the biggest retro release of 2017.

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