News – Sonic Mania Dated For 15th August 2017 Release

Sega may have been teasing Sonic’s glorious 2D retro return for what seems like forever, but that wait is now finally over as Sonic Mania finally has been given a new firm release date. Yes it may have originally been scheduled for a Spring release, but we now know that Sonic Mania will finally launch worldwide for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Steam on August 15th 2017. And boy can it not come soon enough.

In fact, Sega only upped the excitement even further thanks to a nostalgia filled trailer. One that showed off some adorable line-art animation, alongside all three protagonists racing through stages new and old alike. If this trailer doesn’t get you excited for Sonic’s seemingly glorious return to form, then I’m not sure anything will.

Having play tested Sonic Mania on multiple occasions it would be one hell of an understatement to say we’re excited, as can be seen in our EGX preview. Not only does Sonic Mania return Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and yes even Eggman, to the glory days of 16-bit platforming, but it does so in a way that remembers everything great about classic Sonic. Simply put, Sonic Mania looks looks set to finally be a Sonic title that lives up to the incredibly high standard set in the 90s during the Mega Drive / Genesis days.

So there you go, this may well be the last we hear of Sonic Mania before it’s August 15th release date, but don’t worry because we here at Rings & Coins will be there on August 15th ready and waiting to give you the low down. In the meantime though Sonic Mania can be pre-ordered digitally on all of the available platforms.

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