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It was only last month when Nintendo made the dream announcement that they would be partnering with Universal Studios in order to launch a range of Nintendo themed theme park attractions. Instantly this lit a fuse with every child of the 80s or 90s who grew up dreaming of entering their favourite Nintendo worlds. However, despite the excitement, Nintendo’s original announcement revealed few concrete details.

However, now thanks to Nintendo of America, alongside a few patent discoveries, we can now begin to shed some light on what Super Nintendo World may actually look like. Well at least they have when it comes to the first Super Nintendo World location within Osaka’s Universal studios Japan. Just take a look below, and you can see an official image portraying Nintendo’s vision for how Super Nintendo World will finally look.

Nintendo’s first official image for Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan.

As mentioned though, whilst this may be the only official information released since the initial announcement, further details have come about thanks to a few patent discoveries These patents which come via Bizjournals, clearly shed some light on the possibilities for what Universal Studios may be capable of creating alongside Nintendo. What’s more, some of them seemingly point directly to some of the possible rides and attractions that we could soon be visiting at Super Nintendo World.

They may only be Universal Studios patents, and as such cover a wide range of IPs, from Marvel, all the way through to their new deal with Nintendo. However, if you take a closer look, the patents that are specifically referred to as Boom Coaster and Drift Racers certainly seem to point to what Universal Studios and Nintendo may be thinking, when it comes to bringing the likes of Mario Kart and Donkey Kong Country to life. Of course, they could always be something else entirely, and we’ll have to wait for the world from Nintendo before we learn something more official.

A patent which points to a swivel based racing car.

Plans are for the Mushroom Kingdom inspired area’s opening to coincide somewhat with the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. As such, there’s still probably some wait to come before we get more concrete details on not only how this Super Nintendo World will take shape, but also subsequent attractions in Universal Studios Florida and Los Angeles. Nevertheless, in the meantime let’s hope more and more good news keeps coming out about this dream collaboration.

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