News – WWE Star T.J. Perkins’ Retro WWE Entrance Is A Thing Of Beauty

So, it seems like even the WWE can’t resist a bit of retro these days. Not only have they begun putting WWE superstar Xavier Woods’ hugely popular YouTube channel UpUpDownDown on the WWE Network, but they’ve also gone and given T. J. Perkins an entrance that any wrestling fan of the 80s and 90s could only dream of.

Debuting at WWE’s recent pay-per-view Clash of the Champions, the Cruiserweight Champion entered to an 8-bit infused chiptune, alongside animations on the titantron denoting max health and full power-ups. There was even a range of animated hearts flowing across the floor, alongside a character select screen and an 8-bit characterisation of the Champion himself. It all very much had a feeling of Mega Man to it, so much so that Capcom even took to twitter to congratulate the Champion via the official Mega Man account.

In fact, as if to really hammer home the fact that this isn’t just some coincidence, the title of T. J. Perkins’ entrance theme is “Playing with Power”. As such, this very clearly proves the power and influence that retro has these days, as it’s not just here at Rings & Coins that special attention has been paid to this entrance. No, not only has T.J. Perkins’ entrance been noticed by the mass media, but Twitter was also filled with mentions following the Cruiserweight Champion’s title defence.

Despite all of the though, what’s most nice to see is the fact that it seems T.J. Perkins himself was more than likely one of the driving forces behind this entrance, and if not he was certainly the inspiration. You see, according to his Twitter (@MegaTJP), T.J. Perkins is not just a massive gamer, he’s a massive retro gamer. He even uses an 8-bit Mega Man inspired image of himself as his Twitter profile picture!


In fact, he’s so happy with this new entrance that he has seemingly spent the last week either tweeting about it, or retweeting the many many retro gaming fans who have showered his social media in fan art and congratulations. All in all, it’s nice to see T. J. Perkins so happy with this new entrance. Not only does all of this show his passion for retro gaming, but it also shows his desire to push this on a global stage, much like Xavier Woods who regularly references retro gaming in his promo shoots.

As such, combine this entrance with T.J. Perkins’ athletic and entertaining in ring performances, and you’re more than likely looking at one of the next big stars of the WWE. Maybe WWE should consider teaming Woods and Perkins up in the future for a retro inspired tag team? Either way, WWE is currently proving that a childhood of watching wrestling and playing lots of video games can certainly lead to great things. Long live the Cruiserweight Champion!

Sophia Aubrey Drake

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