News – Brand New Mega Drive Title Tanglewood Lands On Kickstarter

It’s not everyday we get the announcement of a brand new 16-bit game, so if you’re a Mega Drive / Genesis fan then you’ll certainly want to take note. Announced just over a year ago, it seems Tanglewood is now nearing the end of its development cycle, something which is definitely cause for excitement. As such, developer Matt Phillips (who develops under the name Big Evil Corporation) has now taken to Kickstarter in order to see this retro homebrew project over the line.

For those not in the know though, Tanglewood is a game that is heavily inspired by some of the classic Disney 16-bit titles such as Aladdin and Castle of Illusion. As such it looks absolutely gorgeous, and seemingly pushes the Mega Drive / Genesis to it’s absolute limits. If you don’t believe me then just check out the trailer below.

Within the game itself you take control of Nymm, a young creature separated from the rest of its pack. To make matters worse, Nymm must now face the nighttime dangers of the Tanglewood realm alone, unable to make it back to the safe haven of the pack’s underground home. As such, players must help guide Nymm through the dangers of the night using a variety of skills to avoid the predators that lie in wait.

Whilst the game’s visuals are inspired some of the great Disney titles, the gameplay is also inspired by some of the greats of the platforming genre. In this case the likes of Abe’s Odyssey / Exodus, Another World and even more modern hits such as Stealth. In fact, it’s easy to see how utilising the atmosphere found in titles such as these can only add to the intensity of Tanglewood’s eerie threat filled story.

Matt Phillips is currently looking to raise £48,000 in order to secure the release of his ambitious project, and plan to use the money in order to bring in artists, developers and composers. What’s more, with £33,911 already raised, it looks very likely this one will meet it’s goal. Excellent news for retro fans all over.

With 10 days to go, those interested can still head over and pledge their support for Tanglewood. In the process retro gamers can even grab a boxed with manual copy of the game for the Mega Drive / Genesis itself. Something which as an added bonus will surely give gamers a reminder of what it was like to come home from the likes of Blockbuster with a sealed 16-bit classic.

Of course, for those wanting to play the game on more modern devices, you can also secure a copy built for PC / Mac / Linux, or even a ROM ready to work with any Mega Drive / Genesis emulator. And finally, anyone wanting to learn more about the game can head over to the following link in order to download a playable demo for the game. Either way, it’s looking like Tanglewood will be a fresh title filled with nostalgia, and Rings & Coins will be on hand to keep you updated with its progress.

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