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Super Bowl 50 may still be just under a week away, but The Pokémon Company have already revealed their multi-million dollar 20th anniversary advert, and it is glorious.  As promised the advert, which can be found below, encourages trainers to “Train On”. Not only that, but it did it does it the best way possible, taking gamers all the way to the dream scenario, a real world inhabited by Pokémon.

The Super Bowl is famous for its over the top blockbuster adverts, and this advert certainly ranks at the top.  As can be seen in the attached video, the advert plays off the idea of Pokémon in the real world. In fact, at first you’ll be left wondering what exactly you are watching, with only a few nods hinting to the fact that this is set in a world where Pokémon are real.

Like No One Ever Was
The words “Like No One Ever Was” can be found above the dressing room door, giving an early hint that you are actually watching something set in the world of Pokémon.

Nevertheless, what with the thumping soundtrack and the real sense of anticipation, the opening moments don’t disappoint. Let alone how impressive it is when you finally get to see what a Championship Pokémon fight would look like in real life. Oh and of course the cute little Pikachu watching the fight with its family on TV.

We only get to see only a few of the 721 Pokémon. Those being Gyarados, Magneton, Pikachu, Lucario, and of course fan favourite Charizard. However, all it took was just over a minute to take me back to all those times I’d wished over the last 20 years that my own Pokémon would come to life.

Trainer Advert
The Japanese challenger steps up to face the Champion and his Pokémon.

So, take a moment and indulge in one of gaming’s finest adverts. Also, for those of you in America who will be watching the Super Bowl, pay very special attention to the ad break that will run just before beginning of the game’s third quarter. Who knows, given that The Pokémon Company have revealed this anniversary advert early, there may just be another surprise in store for us Pokémaniacs.

This advert is the first stage of what promises to be a big year for Pokémon. One in which we’ll see a lot of Pokémon content all celebrating not only its 20 year history, but also the future to come. As if we really needed an excuse to Train On eh?

Pokémon’s 20th Anniversary can be followed by using the hashtag #Pokemon20, and of course we here at Rings & Coins will be celebrating all things Pokémon all year long.

Sophia Aubrey Drake

A lifelong gamer with a fanatical love of all things Nintendo and Japan. So much so that she's written a thesis on one and lived in the other. Currently on a quest to catch every last Pokémon. Follow me on twitter via @DivaXChill or @RingsandCoins.

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