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Welcome home SNK!  Fans of the Neo-Geo, and of fighting games alike, can rejoice in the latest news to come out of the veteran Japanese video game developer.  Get ready for more brand new games from SNK Playmore, as this week the company announced via a press release that it will be leaving the Pachinko business, in order to double down on its video game development.

For those not in the know, Pachinko refers to the Japanese “Pachinko Slot” machines, which commonly act as an alternative to gambling.  This Pachinko business is worth big money in Japan, with many video game companies, such as Konami, also involved in the manufacturing of these machines.  However, in announcing their departure from the Pachislot business, SNK stated that there was too much “uncertainty” in this field going forward.

The recently announced King of Fighters XIV

As such, the company feels it can put both its range of IPs, and its technical skills, to better use by refocusing all of their efforts on game development.  Thus putting all their attention back on what brought SNK their biggest successes during the 8 and 16-Bit eras.  Though it should be noted that it is not stated whether this means console, or Arcade development, the latter being an area SNK have always been famous for.

Despite announcing this refocus, it should be noted that SNK never actually left game development.  Most recently having announced the latest entry in the company’s flagship series, The King of Fighters XIV.  Nevertheless, here’s to looking forward to far more releases from one of retro gaming’s most loved companies.

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