News – Wild Guns Reloaded Arrives on PS4

Earlier in the year I was lucky enough to go hands on with Wild Guns Reloaded at this year’s E3 show in Los Angeles, and to say I was impressed is an understatement. All of the frantic action of the cult Super Nintendo classic had been retained, all whilst adding a few extras and bringing the title into the HD era. As such, it seemed more than ready to entertain those who joined it back in the day, whilst also hopefully introducing new gamers to this hidden 16-bit gem.

What’s more, to make this even better, developer Natusme have managed to make the game available just in time for Christmas, with Wild Guns Reloaded being made available globally for PS4 via the PlayStation Network as of December 20th. Meaning that there’s no excuse for not enjoying a bit of Wild Guns’ retro goodness over the festive season. That’s not all though, as the good news doesn’t end there.

Just being given the game digitally was good enough, let alone a fantastic looking physical release.

You see, given the overwhelming support that was shown for the game by retro fans, Natsume have also decided to release a physical version in North America and Europe.  According to Natsume’s Community manager CeeCee, three retailers will be selling this region free disc based release of Wild Guns Reloaded. These include Play-Asia and Video Games Plus, who will both ship internationally, alongside Amazon USA who are also providing customers with a limited edition keychain.

Wild Guns can be grabbed right now for $29.99 / £24.99, and is well worth exploring for any fan of retro arcade style gaming. Regardless of whether you remember it fondly, or have never heard of it before. In fact, look forward for Rings & Coins’ incoming Wild Guns Reloaded RetroSpective in the new year.

Sophia Aubrey Drake

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2 thoughts on “News – Wild Guns Reloaded Arrives on PS4

  • 26/12/2016 at 23:53

    I’ve been tempted for a while to make a a Wild Guns, Cabal, Nam 1975 type game for mobile, Where you have to tap to shoot enemies, but also move your character out of harms way who’s at the bottom of the screen. Gonna have to revisit this idea once I’ve played Wild Guns Reloaded.

    • 30/12/2016 at 11:11

      That sounds awesome! Definitely something I’d play. Playing Wild Guns again at E3 really reminded me how quirky the game was. it really offered something different so utilising those ideas can only be a good thing.


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