News – Retro Freak Combines 11 Classic Consoles For Modern TVs

Despite so far only being announced for Japan, Cyber Gadget’s ultimate retro console has been gaining a lot of traction in gaming circles, and quite rightly.  That’s because whether you’re a die hard retro gamer, or just getting started, the Retro Freak covers a wide range of formats, and even eliminates the tedious region locks of old.  Whilst obviously supporting classic systems from all regions, such as the Famicom, Super Nintendo, Super Famicom, Mega Drive, and Genesis.  It also goes on to support the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and even the more obscure PC Engine, TurboGrafx-16 and even Supergrafx.  It should also be noted that whilst many may notice the obvious omission of the NES, a wide range of NES to Famicom adapters are available that should hopefully allow NES to be added to this list.

Retro Freak with cartridge adapter and standard controller, alongside menu and install screens

Many may question what other added benefits the Retro Freak holds if you still have your classic consoles plugged in like me.  Well Cyber Gadget’s all inclusive offering doesn’t stop with the formats it supports.  The Retro Freak will also support HDMI with up-scaling, and a wealth of other options, giving your classic games the respect and picture they deserve on modern HD TVs.  The list of cool additions goes on though as the Retro Freak will support all classic controllers, and even modern ones that support USB such as the PS3 and PS4 controllers.  Furthermore, the Retro Freak integrates a lot of modern staples of gaming to your classic titles like Nintendo’s Virtual Console, such as the ability to port and transfer save data, save states, and cheats (ok that last one is more like bringing back a classic gaming feature).

Additionally, games won’t play like your standard consoles, and in fact when you place your cartridge into the Retro Freak, the console will install the game to the console itself so you only need the cartridge the once, preserving their lifespan.  Once installed, gamers will be able to remove a smaller unit where all the games are stored, and all the action is, with the bulkier cartridge adapter only needed for initial game installs.  The smaller main unit is so discreet that it is in fact only around the size of a Super Nintendo cartridge.

The Retro Freak cartridge adapter with the removable main unit in the bottom right

Japanese gamers can still walk in to most game retailers, such as a personal favourite of mine called Book-Off, and purchase classic titles.  As such the Retro Freak seems an ideal product for the Japanese market.  Let’s just hope western retro gamers get an opportunity to grab this retro gaming gem as well through a wider global release.  The Retro Freak will be released in Japan this October priced at ¥20,000 for the standard version, and ¥23,000 for the Premium Edition.  The Premium Edition additionally comes with the controller adapter required for all your retro controllers (but not those that connect via USB or the standard pack in controller).

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