RetroVision – Nintendo Reveals Ganondorf’s Complete Name

Ever wondered what the full name is of some of your favourite characters? I know I have. Some we know, such as Samus Aran or Fox McCloud. However many such as Mario, Sonic and Link, well, we have literally no idea.

Interestingly though, Nintendo’s official website for The Legend of Zelda has seemingly dropped in a surname for Link’s eternal rival Ganondorf. Specifically, that name is Dragmire. All meaning that The Legend of Zelda’s nefarious King of thieves’ full name is literally Ganondorf Dragmire.

Ganondorf Dragmire
Image taken from the official Legend of Zelda website which refers to Ganondorf as Ganondorf Dragmire.

If you’re surprised by this then I wouldn’t blame you, it’s not a name that even the most hardened of Legend of Zelda fans are likely to have come across. However, possibly even more interestingly, is the fact that this is actually a name that has been seen before. Namely within the English manual to A Link to the Past on Super Nintendo.

Now of course there’s a catch, there’s always a catch. That being that as we all know, each entry in the Legend of Zelda features a brand new incarnation of the lead characters Link, Zelda, and of course Ganondorf. As such, to those who were aware of the Dragmire surname, they believed it to just be relevant for the Link to the Past version of Ganondorf.

Ganondorf - A Link To The Past
The final battle between Link and the now transformed Ganon in the Super Nintendo classic A Link to the Past.

This is also backed up by the fact that he is also known by the names of Mandrag Ganon, Agahnim, and Calamity Ganon in different timelines and incarnations. Nevertheless, by utilising this surname to refer to the pre-Ganon human form of the titular Dark Lord, Nintendo have now seemingly made the full title of Ganondorf Dragmire an official and canon one. This is also something that is backed up by Zeldapedia, the wikia dedicated to all things Zelda, which now refers to Ganondorf by the full name of Ganondorf Dragmire when introducing the character.

So there you go, it may not change the experience, but it certainly fleshes it out more. It also gives Nintendo the chance to introduce more of the Dragmires at a later date, maybe we could even discover more about Ganondorf’s past, and his family line. Now just to learn more about Link and Zelda’s past I suppose.

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