RetroVision – Nintendo Reveal Secret Retro Storage Room

Next month we may be getting the Nintendo Classic Mini, but how would you fancy a brand new sealed original Nintendo Entertainment System, or rather Famicom to be more precise? Well if so, then Nintendo may have just what you’re looking for, thanks to their secret storage room. A storage room that Nintendo revealed as part of a series of articles celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda.

So what exactly is hidden away in this Nintendo storage room at their Kyoto headquarters then? Well basically shelves and shelves of retro consoles and peripherals. This even includes boxes and boxes of Famicom Disk System, the Japan only console that was originally home to The Legend of Zelda. This room even has a couple of old CRT TVs in order to play these old consoles the way they were meant to be played.

Interested in seeing what’s inside this room for yourself? Well just check out the gallery below, and all its Japanese retro goodness.

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In fact, there’s even a working Famicom Disk System Disk Writer (Image 3). This was a kiosk found in various Japanese retailers, that believe it or not allowed Japanese consumers to write Famicom Disk System games onto blank disks. Actually, you could even overwrite other retail games with new ones, but more on that in a future RetroVision.

All in all, this Nintendo storage room is seemingly an Aladdin’s Cave filled with treasures that any retro gamer would love to discover. It does seem that this room is solely dedicated to 8-bit technology though, but who’s to say there aren’t equally glorious 16 and 32-bit rooms also hiding somewhere in the Kyoto based office? One thing’s of sure though, this is just another fascinating insight into one of the most secretive companies in all of gaming.

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