RetroVision – Nintendo Switch Virtual Console Not Available At Launch

The Nintendo Switch’s launch is now a mere matter of days, and the excitement really is building. However, for all the excitement, there was some disappointing news to come out this week for all retro fans. You see, unfortunately it seems as though the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console is not going to be ready for launch.

It had been hoped in the build up to the launch that Nintendo would announce their plans for the Virtual Console, and that these would coincide with the release of the new system. However, it now seems that won’t be the case. In fact in a recent press release, Nintendo made the following statement regarding the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console:

Virtual Console games will not be available on Nintendo Switch at launch. We will share more information in the future.

This could of course be a tactical move by Nintendo in order to encourage more uptake of its launch titles like Breath of the Wild and Super Bomberman R among many others. However, many had hoped that Nintendo would make their extensive back catalogue available from day one, in order to act as a buffer in the coming months in case their is a lack of releases. Of course, this could still yet be their plan.

Nevertheless, for many this may be the first indication the Nintendo are set to repeat what many critics saw as a mistake when it came to the Wii U’s Virtual Console. You see, when the Virtual Console came to Wii U, there was already an extensive collection of 8, 16 and even 32-bit experiences available via the Wii Virtual Console. However, instead of collectively making these games instantly available for Wii U, they instead decided to release them piecemeal over the course of the Wii U’s life.

It has already been confirmed that the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console will at some point include GameCube classics like Super Mario Sunshine.

Nintendo did to their credit create a scheme to discount Virtual Console games for those who had already bought them on another platform. So hopefully we can expect a similar announcement when we hear more about Nintnendo’s plans for the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console. Hey, we could even get a cross-buy scheme like Sony operates on the PlayStation Network.

As I say, right now we’re all merely speculating, despite the fact that the Switch is now days away from being released into the wild. Obviously though, the Virtual Console will have to be ready for the launch of the online platform’s paid service this Autumn. This much was confirmed by Nintendo as part of their press conference last month when they announced that subscribers will gain access to a free retro game every month.

Nevertheless, even with the absence of the Virtual Console on day one, the Nintendo Switch is still looking set to be one of the most exciting consoles for years. What’s more, as we’ve reported before, the Nintendo Switch and it’s upcoming games certainly have something of a retro feel to them, and that definitely is to be applauded. All in all, the wait is nearly over the Nintendo Switch, even if we do have to wait to play some of the all time greats on the hybrid console.

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