RetroVision – A Look Inside Nintendo’s 90s Offices

Back in the 80s and 90s, everyone wanted a glimpse inside some of the greatest game development studios of our time. Of these, there were no two companies bigger than Nintendo and Sega. So even just a glimpse inside either of these two companies, was akin to having the mysteries of the universe explained.

Unfortunately though, both of these companies were rather secretive about what went on inside their studios during the great era of the Console Wars. Combine this with the lack of internet and social media, and we were left to only see what was made available through VHS releases and within the pages of magazines like Nintendo Power. Thanks to the power of the internet though, nowadays gaining insights into the modern workings of video game development is becoming more and more accessible.

An ever youthful Shigeru Miyamoto inside his Nintendo workstation back in 1994.

What’s more, albeit much more uncommon, this is also true when it comes to game development back in the 8 & 16-bit days, thanks to rare uncovered footage from internal videos and documentaries from years gone by. For example, earlier in the year we were all able to gain a glimpse inside of Sega’s offices. This time through a 90s training video for game testers.

However, for all of these insights, getting a glimpse inside the inner workings of Nintendo’s head offices in Kyoto is just as hard today as its ever been. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t any footage at all. In fact, YouTube channel Game Escape have not only uploaded, but have even translated an excerpt from a 1994 French documentary about Japan entitled “Otaku”, where they visit Nintendo’s offices.

Within this excerpt, not only are we given insights into both Japanese culture and that of Nintendo’s, but there’s even a range interviews with leading members of Nintendo. In fact, within this much focus is put on an ever youthful Shigeru Miyamoto. We even get to see inside the tiny cubicle of the greatest game makers of all time. All before he even ends the piece by drawing a picture of Mario kicking an unfortunate Koopa Trooper.

Even better, as stated before, it all takes place within 90s. As such, giving us a rare historical look at the most revered name in gaming. So, sit back, and enjoy an extremely rare insight into in inner workings of Nintendo in the era of the Super Nintendo.

Sophia Aubrey Drake

A lifelong gamer with a fanatical love of all things Nintendo and Japan. So much so that she's written a thesis on one and lived in the other. Currently on a quest to catch every last Pokémon. Follow me on twitter via @DivaXChill or @RingsandCoins.

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