RetroVision – Pokémon’s New Starters Part 2: Litten

So who’s next up in our look at Pokémon Sun & Moon’s brand new starters? Well, after exploring all there currently is to know about Rowlet in part one, we’re now moving on to the game’s second starter.  So, without further ado, lets take a closer look at Litten.

Taking the form of a typically adorable kitten, Litten is Pokémon Sun & Moon’s fire-type starter, something obvious not only from its black and red fur, but also from its clever name. You see, in age old Pokémon tradition, Litten’s name is a clever play on words, this time seemingly combining lit, little, and kitten together. Furthermore, this also applies to its Japanese name Nyabby (ニャビー), which combines Nyā (ニャー ) the Japanese equivalent of meow, and hi (火) meaning fire.

Litten Pokedex
Some general Pokédex information about Litten.

Aside from this, Litten is described as being a calm and calculated Pokémon, one that rarely shows its emotions. Although, this shouldn’t be taken for a lack of commitment, as deep down the little kitten is a highly passionate Pokémon. One that will always give its all to everything it does.

This is especially true when it comes to battle. And when in battle, Litten has more than a trick or two hidden within. The first of these being the ability to cough-up flaming hairballs, and then use these to attack its opponents.

Litten Fire Attack
Litten in various poses.

This isn’t the only part of its body that Litten uses in order to defend itself though. You see, that’s because Litten’s fur also produces a range of flammable oils, something it puts to good use by using the hair it collects whilst grooming itself, in order to attack its opponents with flaming fireballs of fur. What’s more, as the Pokémon begins to shed this fur, it further puts this ability to use by burning up the excess in order to create a wall of fire around itself.

Finally, as with Rowlet, Litten is able to make instant use of a move that takes advantage of its type. However, unlike Rowlet, this is a move that even the most minor Pokémon fan will know quite well. That move is the quintessential fire-type move Ember, and is a move that gives the little kitten quite the advantage over Rowlet early on, even if the little owl does have its own unique move.

So, as with Rowlet, there’s still much to learn when it comes to Pokémon latest fire-type starter. However, as with Charmander, Cyndaquill, and the many others that have come before it, Litten is already set to be one hell of a popular Pokémon. Although this was probably true from the moment that Game Freak revealed a cute little kitten that breathes fire.

So, with two out of three seemingly being on the road to success, is it a hat-trick for Pokémon Sun & Moon’s new starter Pokémon? Well in part three we’ll be finding out. As next up I’ll be taking a look at all there is to know about Popplio, the equally adorable water-type sea lion Pokémon.

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