RetroVision – Pokémon’s New Starters Part 1: Rowlet

Pokémon Sun and Moon’s three brand new starters have been revealed, and they’re already receiving some high praise from the industry and fans alike. This is especially true when it comes to the grass-type starter, Rowlet. So, as we prepare for Pokémon’s seventh generation later this year, let’s take an early glimpse at the little owl that’s already set to become one of the most popular Pokémon of all time.

To say Rowlet was received well upon its reveal is something of an understatement, and it’s easy to see why. With its rounded head, fluffy body, and large eyes, the tiny little owl is literally the epitome of cute. At least that’s how I would describe Rowlet.

Pokemon Sun & Moon Starters
Pokémon Sun & Moon’s brand new starters: Rowlet, Litten & Popplio.

However, all of this information can be gleamed by simply taking a look at the brand new Pokémon, and I’m sure you came here for a little more information than that. So, what extra information is there at the moment? Well quite a bit given this announcement is only a matter of weeks old.

First of all, lets take a look at the name and thought behind it. It is theorised that Rowlet’s English name is a combination of both round and owlet. What’s more, there’s an equal amount of thought that has gone into Rowlet’s original Japanese name of Mokurō (モクロー). You see, that’s because Mokurō is actually a combination of combination of moku (木) meaning wood, and fukurō (梟) meaning owl.

Rowlet Info
Some general Pokédex information about Rowlet.

In terms of the Pokémon itself, Rowlet also has one striking feature that makes it quite different from the other two starters. Namely the fact that it is a dual-type grass and flying Pokémon. As such, Rowlet will be able to take advantage of a far greater wealth of moves as it gains experience and grows.

That’s not all though, as some of Rowlet’s other defining features include its ability to attack its opponents without making a sound. Rowlet does this by stealthily drawing close to its opponents, before lashing out with repeated powerful kicks. It can even do this from afar, attacking opponents from a distance using razor sharp leaves that originate from its feathers.

Rowlet Art
Rowlet in various poses.

That’s not all though, as according to The Pokémon Company’s early data entry for the little owl, Rowlet is also known to have some very impressive eyesight. In fact, as you would expect from an owl, Rowlet has no trouble whatsoever in seeing in the dark, and as such has a distinct advantage over many Pokémon, whilst eliminating some of the strengths of those that move about in the darkness.

Rowlet can even twist its neck in a near 180° angle from front to back. This allows it to see directly behind itself at will, something the cute little Pokémon does regularly in order acknowledge its trainers commands. This is something that Rowlet can be seen doing within the trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon in which all three of the starters were revealed.

Finally, unlike earlier starter Pokémon, Rowlet already has the ability to perform a move that takes advantage of its type right from the moment it becomes your partner. That move is the brand new grass-type attack known as Leafage. A ranged attack wherein Rowlet attacks its opponent by striking it with repeatedly with leaves which originate from its wings.

We may not know everything about Rowlet, but what we do is enough to make even the most minor Pokémaniac excited. What’s even more exciting though, is the fact that Pokémon Sun and Moon’s other two starters are shaping up to be just as good. We’ll be taking a look at the Water-type Popplio in the third instalment, however next up in part two is Litten, the fittingly named Fire-type kitten.

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